September 18, 2009

United Way Advertising Campaign Photoshoot In Bend, Oregon

I recently had the opportunity to do some work with United Way Of Central Oregon for a new ad campaign they were working on.  My friend Jeff Coffey’s who runs a cool streaming multimedia business called StreamiT offered to let us do the photoshoot over at his studio.  So with the help of Mark Quon who would be the art director on the project we began working with the  volunteers who would be modeling.  All the volunteers on this project have helped United Way in the past so this made it real fun for everyone.  Having friends with children always seems to help at some point and in this case Jeff was able to call his two daughters up to join the fun and I was also able to get my friend Tracy’s two daughters as well.  I was amazed at how the three families of girls automatically were able to “act” as though they had know each other for years and the photos really show this!  In the end, we got amazing images and had a blast doing it.  Oh, why is the background all white, (for the most part)?  We shot against a green screen that allows the graphic artist to choose the color of the background, (preferably white).  I’m not a big fan of this but hey, I don’t get the opportunity to make someone levitate often!


First time I’ve seen these shots, which are really good and certainly for a great cause. Byron Roe Photography really rocks!