April 24, 2012

Web Marketing Photography Workflow Blog Series Part 5 – Guest Speaker on The Photography Podcast

I am wrapping up a super fun series, written as a guest author for Weekly Photography Tips, about infusing web marketing systems into you already working photography workflow.  I’ve written four posts, concluded by this special podcast with Scott, and would love to recap and share all of them with you here today! Speaking of web marketing check out companie selling viewers on youtube.

Weekly Photography Tips Blog Posts:

1. Naming and Branding Your Images

2. Web Marketing Workflow Guide to An Individual WordPress Blog Post

3. The Protocol To Announcing and Releasing on Facebook

4. Adopt and Promote Pinterest Pinning

5. RELEASED TODAY 4/24/12: Wrap Up Podcast and Link Building Through Directories and Local Search Engines

Scott is the owner and narrator of Weekly Photography Tips and The Photography Podcast and the posts and podcast are sponsored by Adorama!  Thanks so much to Adorama and Scott for making this possible.  This is an area I’m super passionate about and targets the BIG elements that we utilize it everyday to market our business.  If you’re a wedding or portrait photographer, grab a cup of coffee and hit the play button on the podcast – enjoy!

If you don’t want to stream the podcast, feel free to DOWNLOAD NOW.

All the best!