January 11, 2010

Why Am I A Photographer?

You could say that I really liked picture books as a kid.  All those colors….Seriously though, I’ve always been one to enjoy creating the story in my head while looking at the photo rather than vice-versa.  I love how a photo can draw you in and whether it’s complex or simplistic in nature is irrelevant-what matters is the connection the viewer makes between the image and his/her past experiences.  It’s trying to change your perspective on those past experiences that makes photography such an amazing tool.  Photos speak differently to each one of us and since they are subjective, (like all art) the viewer gets to create their own reality.  My teachers in elementary school were not far off when they said I was a daydreamer!

I love how photographs can change people’s perspectives on even the most ingrained concepts!  How many of us have seen one “good” photo of ourselves (not even spectacularly great) and consequently not only gained an immense amount of confidence from that image but reversed years….OK, more like decades of panic when a cameras pointed in your direction.

What was the title of this blog anyways?  Oh yeah, the bottom line is that I’m a photographer because it challenges me to look at our world in ways the average person might not, or even care to.  When we get older we think we’ve figured it all out and I want to blur the lines to give people options for creating their own personal realities….which are, of course, amazingly wonderful, productive and positive realities….right?!  Random thought, “What would interest newborns if they could take photos?”


This is a great photo to go along with your “random thoughts.” Who is the kid? They need credit too!