November 7, 2013

Baby Roe Gender Reveal Party 2013 – Baby GIRL!

Here’s a post that is near and dear to my heart!  A friend of mine, Jackie, mentioned that a friend of theirs had a fun party for their baby to share the gender and I thought it was just a fantastic idea and a fun way to bring family and friends together to celebrate in a classy, colorful and playful way!  It was also a chance for all our wedding vendors to completely spoil us with their talents too and share a special time for Byron and I.

We had a great time gaining ideas on Pinterest, things like a ‘cravings bar’ and ‘red or blue berry champagne’  and stamps with either ‘lips (if they thought it was a girl) or moustache (if they thought it was a boy).  Guests had fun wagering on the sex/gender of Baby ROE and the theme followed throughout – picking sides that is!  Byron and I thought for sure it was a boy (as much as the ‘old wives tales’ and even our doctor thought it was a girl).  In addition to sharing a special time with Byron’s family in person, we were joined by some of my friends and family via GoToMeeting, so they could see the reveal as well!

So, how’d we do it?  A friend of mine filled confetti poppers with the ‘secret’ confetti color and got the envelope given to us from our tech at our ultrasound appt the previous day!  She was very good about keeping the secret!  At the big moment, everyone got a bag with their popper and then with a big twist a raining shower of RED came out – we were in fact having a GIRL 🙂  Fun times!  Here’s a link about creating your own confetti poppers!

We couldn’t have done it without some very special people helping out, friends like (Nikki, Terry, Christiana, my mom-in-law Ninfi and Elise that helped with paper cutting, setup, cooking, cleanup and confetti filling! and we also used our vacuum sealer first time that we got from, I really like it. The food tastes good later) as well as some the most fabulous wedding vendors we love:

Ceylon Blu – event coordination and linens/rentals
Sweet & Swanky Cakes – custom art cake
Blue Daffodil Flowers –  the amazing PINWHEELS!
Tambi Lane Photography – her fabulous studio space
Abacus Photography – for capturing the BIG REVEAL
Edge Weddings and Salon – my hair/makeup artistry

**All paper products were purchased by Love The Day designs and printed locally with Action Printing!

{The Details}



Dessert table!

Cookies and milk in little shot glasses 🙂



Ballot box, cards and hand stamps upon entrance!



Fill out a baby name choice as well as any parenting advice and donate to the Baby Roe ‘college fund’


Red or Blue bubby (depending on your side)!



Big cups for the keg of beer and prego friends drinking Cider 🙂



Yummy spread and ‘cravings’ bar…

4 Flavor POPCORN bar…choose your side 🙂






{The Reveal}

** All photos for the reveal courtesy of Abacus Photography**







Byron and his mom 🙂





Friends and family joining online!!

Jessica Hagan

SO Cute!! I love everything about this post. Can’t wait to meet baby Roe sometime in 2014.
Lots of love from Jess and Curtis in Seattle 🙂


To say I’m excited is an understatement! The next best thing to being there was being online enjoying the festivities. Thank you “kids” for arranging that. You have started memories for this little girl with this gorgeous reveal party. I’m sure she’s be as creative as the both of you. Lots of Love, Mom/Lisa