December 12, 2010

The Wonders Of Mexico: AKA, “Roosters & Fireworks”

We thought it only appropriate to throw out a “Did you know” post about Mexico since we had so much fun with the Italian post of the same title.  We had to dig a little deeper with this one since I know many of you’ve traveled around in Mexico at some point in your lives, (and if you haven’t you need to!).

Did you know that:

1) Mexican’s do not put limes in their cerveza or tequila?  It’s an American thing!

2) The Mexican celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe takes place each year from December 1st to the 12th.  This is the largest and most important religious celebration for Mexico.  Each days celebration is accompanied by aerial bombs and other fireworks that continue day and night until the 12th where the culmination of explosions reach a level that tends to shake the buildings.  SEE BELOW

3) In Puerto Vallarta, the left turn lane is actually in the right most lane.  There are two lanes going each direction in the middle, (separated by a median from the turn lanes on the right side) that allow for quicker travel but you can’t turn left or right in these.

4) People celebrating the “Virgin of Guadalupe” attach fireworks to a paper mache bull and run around with it, (much to the children’s delight….).  SEE VIDEO

5) Papaya’s are super cheap and crazy big, (not a delicacy down here, just a staple)!

6) Because of the large amount of Bend, Oregon people down here in Sayulita, (who would have thought) the locals call us “Bendito’s”.

7) Surfing in Sayulita can be amazing for beginners to pro’s, (lots of pros are born in this area and they rip).

8) There’s lots of homeless dogs all throughout Mexico but many of those in Sayulita are well cared for by the locals.

9) The front gate security at Dream’s resort in Puerto Vallarta (where our bride and groom were) would make the U.S. military proud.  “What, I was just here 4 hours ago meeting with clients….don’t you remember me?”  A Costco card for ID seemed to suffice oddly enough.

10) The drug cartels have not taken over the entire country!  It’s unfortunate fact that Mexico is, (at the moment) receiving such bad publicity since the areas we’ve experienced, are no less safe than any city or town in the U.S.  The locals say it’s the slowest season they remember.  So sad because it’s so beautiful and everyone we’ve met has been friendly.

The “Running With The Bull” – WOW, yeah, that’s a little freaky.

Let the festivities begin in Sayulita!

A festival parade in Puerto Vallarta

The old cathedral in Puerto Vallarta

The plaza in Sayulita where all the celebration begins and ends!

The running of the bull, (with fireworks attached of course!)  Other fireworks are flying around at times during this bull run and it’s not unusual to have very big and loud firecrackers go off right underneath you.

Another viewpoint of the exploding bull run.  The kids love this and scatter everywhere!

Lone fella rollin cigars on the street in Puerto Vallarta

Great way to sum up Mexico for us!


Dear Byron & Wendy, these photos are amazing, you must have had a fabulous time shooting such wonderfully interesting subjects.

Some great photos as usual! I have been in Mexico and seen these amazing fireworks. In addition to the running bulls, I saw a wall of fireworks that was amazing and far less scary than men running with fireworks on top of their heads!