November 16, 2011

To Greg, From Sondra; Drake Park Pre-Wedding Engagment Photos, Bend Oregon



Our path to each other might have been difficult, filled with many life-altering choices along the way, but every decision we made led to our chance meeting at the Martini Bar that cold winter night two years ago. After hours of dancing….and kissing that night, I had seemingly forgot your name…still sorry about that…I choose to blame the alcohol! LOL. Be that as it may, we no doubt left a lasting impression on each other that night;). What instantly attracted me to you besides the long silky hair you used to have, is was that when I told you I had children you weren’t scared, in fact you were actually intrigued. I have great respect for you coming into to our lives and loving us the way you do. Not only are you an AMAZING father to my children, but you are also an amazing partner and I cannot wait to marry you!! <3

Our wedding day will not just be the day we become husband and wife, it will also be the day that we officially become a family, and the kids and I will begin our lives as Steiners!

Love you babe!

{Artist Series}

Fabulous, you two!  This is when we discovered you had that amazing stare down look!

The trees in full bloom downtown, you couldn’t have asked for anything sweeter.

Our teaser pick for the session and showcasing Sondra’s amazing eyes.

Canvas worthy…just sayin’!




The ‘day of the dead’ flags made for some fun and interesting effects 🙂






…and just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we had an amazing sunset!




That my friends…is the look of true love.

Sondra + Greg,

We had so much fun with you two tromping around downtown Bend, Oregon and Drake Park for your engagement session full of color!  We look forward to your big day in January at Brasada Ranch!  Enjoy the process and celebrate each other along the way!

All the best,

B + W