June 18, 2010

To Phillip, From Heather; Central Oregon Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography

Hey Babe!

People always told me two things: One, you meet the right person when you’re not looking for them.  Two, when you meet the person you are going to marry, you just know.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered all those people were right the day I met you.

It’s hard for me to explain what it is about our relationship that I like most… because it’s about a feeling more than words, it’s an overall sense of content and ease that I have felt from the beginning.  While this might not be the most romantic sentiment in the world, it is the foundation which we have built our love, friendship, and the beginning of our future together.

As we get closer to the big day and everything is falling into place, I am excited to have a celebration that is so ‘us’.  I look forward to becoming a McGuire as we continue our lives together.

“What is important is not how a couple looks at each other, but how they look towards their future together” – Anonymous

All my love,  Heather

Heather + Phillip,

It’s such an honor to have known you for so long…to see you meet, fall in love and have everything just fall into place.  Thanks so much for getting out of your comfort zone with us as we wanted to showcase not only the Heather + Phillip we love (outdoorsy, simple and sweet and comfy) but also a more striking side of you both.  It was a pleasure to journey to the top of Pilot Butte (your special place – wink, wink) and out to the old Millican store for your engagement session – pushing the envelope just a bit!  We love you both and can’t wait for your special day in August.

All the best,
B + W

This is one of our favs of the day – that perfect combo of sweet and sexy.
The Heather + Phillip as we know them – 100% sweet.

This another sweet moment – what were you whispering?!
Here’s we’re shooting behind old, broken fridge doors from a grocery…with rat poo…
Heather with a magnificent smile and sun flare as Phillip gazes on…
Artistically striking and bold, this is also one of our favs for the day!
Love the combination of dressed up and old…and the most perfect light.

A sweet family shot with their labs, Tess and Tucker.
..and the light continued to get better and better 🙂

An old ‘jail’ with great texture to highlight the sunset.

Again, a artsy shot we love of the two of you 🙂

Thanks you guys!!! It’s great going into the wedding with some ‘practice’ not to mention some really great shots that I am so excited to use. Take care!