December 30, 2009

Winter Fog Photography at Deschutes River – Bend, Oregon

There are days where the scenery in Bend, Oregon is just plain beautiful.  Recently, the combination of freezing fog on the pine trees and a light dusting of snow made our town pretty magical.  I was looking for a good excuse to grab the camera and experiment with some ideas – and the Deschutes river was the perfect venue for tinkering.  It’s pretty rare that we focus on shots that don’t include people!

In a few hours of shooting down at Big Eddy and Dillon Falls, I ran into 4 other photographers (tripod and all) – one all the way from Seattle – with the same idea.  We were almost vying for the ‘best spots’ without being too impolite; it was rather funny.  We’re used to working around others with cameras at weddings, “the paparazzi” Byron and I like to call them (those with point and shoots and basic SLRs) but that’s the last thing I expected with this casual nature shoot! 🙂  One photographer even took a shot of me shooting at Dillon Falls (since I was hopping on the slippery rocks to get as close to the falls as possible, hoping I wasn’t going to slip!).  If he does end up sending it our way, I’ll post an addon!  Enjoy these winter pics; we wish everyone a spectacular start to 2010.


I fell cold just looking at this photo 🙂  Brrrrrr…

Deschutes River Photography Bend, Oregon

Just a subtle bit of color to spice up this image…don’tcha think?

See those footprints?  Yup, I was out on the edge jumping from snow patch to snow patch.

All that jumping for a view like this – worth it!

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the intricacy of this tree root…weird but fascinating!

And this one’s for you – Byron <3